ArbitrumDAO Discusses Reputation NFTs, Here Are Criteria


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Brand new mechanism will reward cryptocurrency enthusiasts for their activity on public social media channels

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A new proposal has already raised much controversy in the cryptocurrency community. Crypto Twitter is discussing whether Arbitrum’s (ARB) Reputation NFTs can be used for claiming retroactive airdrops in the future.

ArbitrumDAO introduces Reputation NFTs: Here’s how they work

The Reputation NFT system might go live on Arbitrum (ARB) soon, as TogetherCrew analysts received a corresponding grant from ArbitrumDAO. This statement was shared on Arbitrum’s main community forum by Daniel Ospina of RnDAO.

Incubated by RnDAO, TogetherCrew is going to build a system that measures and verifies the real social media activity of this or that Arbitrum (ARB) enthusiast.

The Reputation NFTs will be created by contributors minting (for free) a nontransferable NFT via the TogetherCrew UI. 

The algorithm will analyze conversations and map social graphs. They, in turn, will be used to calculate how much context someone has on the community. This is a Sybil-resistant approach that can be used for rewards, as a portable credential (proof of membership/participation), etc.

The grant request mentioned Discord, Discourse, Telegram and Github as potential platforms to be analyzed by the mechanism, while the exact list of social media platforms eligible is yet to be disclosed.

$210,000,000: Arbitrum (ARB) launches massive Gaming Catalyst Program

While the project is fully funded through grants, the exact timeline of its activation has not been unveiled yet. The platform behind Arbitrum’s Reputation NFTs already created those systems for Aave and other actors on the crypto market.

Yesterday, the Arbitrum (ARB) community greenlit the launch of a massive gaming-centric initiative. The project transferred 225 million ARB tokens to the newly launched Gaming Catalyst Program (GCP).

The program is focused on “immediate” adoption of Arbitrum (ARB), its L3 development framework Orbit and language-agnostic SDK Stylus in the segments of Play-to-Earn and GameFi.

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