Analyst Predicts Major Gains For XRP/BTC Pair: Historical Bounce Back Expected


Well-known crypto analyst Dark Defender has unveiled the XRP/BTC trading pair’s future prospect, which has piqued the interest of many in the cryptocurrency world. In a recent X post, the analyst says that XRP is very close to a big rise against Bitcoin (BTC). The outcome of this forecast may have a great impact on investors and traders. 

Dark Defender’s insights are based on the historical trends in the XRP/BTC pair observed by him. He points out that each time the pair has reached the “Ultimate Support” level on a monthly basis, a significant rebound has occurred. This level of support is the key level at which the buying pressure is usually higher than the selling pressure, which drives the price up.

The analyst believes that the current market situation shows that Ripple coin is getting closer to this key support level for the second time. Dark Defender thinks that this month is the beginning of the “tremendous appreciation” of XRP against BTC. His confidence is based on a thorough analysis of the past price movements and the technical indicators which are very reliable in predicting such rebounds.

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Source: Chart by Dark Defender

The crypto community has shown a different response, with the mixture of enthusiasm and caution. Most of the traders are hopeful of the possible profits, counting on the Dark Defender’s credibility of correct predictions. Nevertheless, there is also a realization of the fact that the cryptocurrency markets are by their nature volatile, which can sometimes even go against the best of the analyses.

This expected price hike could be the trigger that will propel XRP to a new level in terms of market value and popularity. The growing interest of the institutional investors and the continual development of the XRP Ledger make the timing of this potential appreciation very good.

XRP is trading at $0.5074, marking a 0.34% rise in the last 24 hours. In spite of this short-term growth, the token has experienced a 5.23% decrease in the last seven days. This shows the instability and inconsistent tendencies prevailing in the cryptocurrency market. The 24-hour trading volume of XRP is high: $757,015,093.

Source: TradingView

The scene is now prepared for a possible major change in the XRP/BTC relationship, with Dark Defender’s analysis creating a very convincing story of what may happen in next. What his future is going to tell really is a mystery, but the excitement that he has created is enough to make the crypto community all excited.

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