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Gaming has come a long way. Today, it’s not just about fun. Players can actually earn real money (or crypto) while playing. This is thanks to the rise of blockchain technology and the play-to-earn (P2E) model. One of the exciting features in this space is gaming airdrops. In this guide, we’ll dive into what they are and how you can benefit from them. But before you dive into this list, have a quick glance at our part 1 about play-to-airdrop games.

Airdrops in 2024: Complete Airdrop Farming Guide

Play-to-earn (P2E) is a revolutionary gaming model. It allows players to earn rewards, usually in the form of cryptocurrency or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), by playing games. These rewards can often be traded or sold for real money.

Unlike traditional games, where you spend money on in-game purchases that hold no value outside the game, P2E games let you own your in-game assets. This ownership is thanks to blockchain technology, which ensures that your assets are unique and verifiable.

Nowadays a popular term to use is Play-to-Airdrop.

Gaming airdrops are a form of reward distribution. They are given away for free to a group of users. In the blockchain gaming world, airdrops can include cryptocurrency, NFTs, or other digital assets.

Developers use airdrops for several reasons:

Promote New Games: Airdrops can generate buzz and attract new players.
Reward Loyalty: Regular players or early adopters are often rewarded.
Increase Engagement: Players are more likely to stay engaged with the game.

The process is simple:

Announcement: Developers announce an upcoming airdrop.
Eligibility: They set criteria, such as owning a specific token or being active in the community.
Distribution: Eligible players receive their rewards in their wallets.

You can find them on

Free Rewards: Airdrops offer free rewards, which can be converted to real money or used within the game.
Boost Engagement: They keep players engaged and invested in the game’s ecosystem.
Enhance Experience: Airdrops often include rare items or tokens that can enhance your gaming experience.
Community Growth: They help grow the community by attracting new players and retaining existing ones.
Axie Infinity: A pioneer in the P2E space. Axie Infinity regularly offers airdrops to its community.
The Sandbox: A virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences. The Sandbox often distributes LAND and other valuable NFTs.
Decentraland: A decentralized virtual reality platform. Decentraland occasionally rewards its users with MANA tokens and unique virtual assets.

Revolving Games is a trailblazing blockchain gaming company that excels in developing scalable and immersive Strategy Web3 games through the integration of cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships with globally recognized IP, empowering over 1 billion players worldwide with captivating AAA Play to Earn games, thus heralding a new era in the web3 GameFi industry.

Find a complete airdrop guide here.

Arena Games is a cutting-edge web3 gaming platform that bridges traditional gaming with the GameFi world. It allows game creators and players to mint NFTs, manage digital assets, and leverage blockchain technology to enhance both gameplay and real ownership experiences.

Deployed on @0xPolygon, @SkaleNetwork, @LineaBuild, and @MantaNetwork, Arena Games ensures seamless gameplay with multichain interoperability leveraging LayerZero technology.

Farm this gaming airdrop with us.

Xtremeverse is a web3 anime gaming universe meticulously crafted by, one of the largest blockchain gaming platforms, uniting a team of 25 talented artists and engineers from industry giants such as Tencent, Epic Games, Hoyoverse, Netease, Crytek, 2K, and Ubisoft.

The step-by-step Guide can be studied on our listing page.

My Lovely Planet is a revolutionary ‘Play to Save‘ web3 game (Android/iOS), winner of the Unity for Humanity international award for the most promising environmental and societal gaming projects developed on the Unity engine, by the largest technology provider in the gaming industry, Ubisoft.

My Lovely Planet has also secured a FrenchTech Award from BPI France, alongside an honor prize from the official department of Mayenne, indicating its growing recognition and success.

Follow the airdrop steps to farm this.

Saltwater Games is revolutionizing the gaming industry by merging renowned intellectual properties with cutting-edge technologies, as evidenced by their diverse portfolio which includes iconic titles like Doctor Who, Resurgence, FreeRunner, Infinite Inside, Celeros, and Peaky Blinders.

Curious how you can join this game? Check it out on Airdrop Alert.

SpaceCatch is an innovative AR and Web3 ecosystem developed by Pixelfield, expertly blending augmented reality with blockchain technology where players actively build heroes, protect the Metaverse, and combat AI-driven aliens in a deeply stimulating web3 gameplay experience.

The game features a “move-to-earn” model that transforms physical activities into game progress, enhancing player engagement and promoting a healthier lifestyle by seamlessly linking real-world movements with virtual rewards, thus fostering a sustainable gaming economy.

You can join this gaming airdrop right here.

Diversify Your Participation: Join multiple games offering airdrops. This increases your chances of receiving rewards.
Stay Active: Regularly check for updates and participate in events and promotions.
Connect with the Community: Being an active member can give you insider tips and early access to information.

Gaming airdrops are a fantastic way to earn while enjoying your favorite games. They offer free rewards, enhance your gaming experience, and keep you engaged. By staying informed, meeting eligibility criteria, and protecting your assets, you can make the most out of gaming airdrops. So, dive into the world of P2E games and start unlocking rewards today!

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Game on!


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