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Blockchain technology is evolving rapidly, bringing new and impressive projects that aim to revolutionize digital interactions. One of these promising projects is The Open Network (TON). In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the history, components, capabilities, and unique features of the TON platform. We’ll also compare it to other blockchain platforms to help you understand what sets it apart.

TON, also known as The Open Network, is a high-speed and scalable decentralized platform designed to support decentralized applications (DApps). It originated as the Telegram Open Network, initially developed by the Telegram team. Today, a group of independent developers, unaffiliated with Telegram, maintains and supports the project.

Currently, Toncoin ranks #9 in market cap of all cryptocurrencies.

The Open Network consists of several essential parts that work together to ensure the platform runs at its best.

TON Blockchain: The core element of the project is its blockchain, a decentralized ledger that tracks all transactions and events within the network. This technology ensures every action is transparent, secure, and immutable.
The Recovery Mechanism: A critical feature of TON is its recovery mechanism. This allows the creation of new blocks on top of invalid ones, preventing undesirable network splits. This mechanism saves computational resources and reduces the risk of errors.
DNS: TON DNS assigns readable names to accounts, smart contracts, and network nodes, making the infrastructure more accessible and user-friendly.
Proxy: TON Proxy acts as an intermediary between users and smart contracts. It facilitates user interactions with applications and ensures secure and efficient transmission of requests.
Payments: TON Payments is an integrated payment processing network for instant transfers between TON users, bots, and services. It enhances the efficiency and speed of financial transactions within the network.
Storage: TON Storage handles data storage within the network. Its decentralized approach ensures reliability, availability, and security of user data.
Services: TON Services brings together various functionalities within the ecosystem. These include identity services, asset management, and messaging exchange, among others.

Toncoin is the digital currency of the network. It plays a vital role in facilitating various activities within the ecosystem.

Medium of Exchange: Toncoin is the primary tool for transactions within the ecosystem. Users can use it to make payments for products, services, and decentralized applications.
Foundation for Smart Contracts: Toncoin underpins TON’s smart contracts, which are code programs that enforce rules and agreements between parties. It is essential for their execution.
Payment of Fees: Users must pay fees in Toncoin for network operations, ensuring smooth and efficient performance of the platform.
Incentivizing Participation: Owning Toncoin can encourage more active participation in the TON ecosystem. Users might receive benefits or additional opportunities to engage with the network.
Decentralized Economy: Toncoin is crucial for the decentralized economy of TON. It allows users to participate in governance and create new decentralized applications.
Open Network Opportunities: TON offers numerous opportunities for developers, users, and businesses. Let’s explore the main possibilities:
High Performance and Scalability: TON is designed for high performance and scalability. It can handle a large number of transactions and requests quickly and efficiently.
Decentralized Applications (DApps): Developers can build DApps on TON, using Toncoin as the primary medium of exchange. This opens exciting possibilities in finance, social networks, gaming, and more.
Decentralized Data Storage: TON provides a decentralized data storage system that ensures the security and availability of information. This is especially important for applications handling sensitive data.
Built-in Services: TON offers built-in services like identity verification, messaging, and asset management. These services simplify development and enhance user experience on the network.

The Open Network holds great potential for future growth and innovation.

Coverage of New Industries: As interest in decentralization grows, blockchain developers can use TON to create innovative applications in various fields, including finance, education, and healthcare.
Business Improvement: TON’s smart contract system can improve business processes, making them more efficient and transparent. This appeals to both companies and individual entrepreneurs.
Scaling and Performance: Designed for speed and scalability, TON is attractive to organizations seeking reliable and efficient blockchain solutions.
Global Adoption: As TON evolves and adds more features, it is likely to gain popularity worldwide, attracting more users and increasing activity in the ecosystem.

TON stands out among blockchain platforms due to its unique features. Let’s compare it with some popular platforms:

Block Creation and Confirmation Time: TON Blockchain generates blocks in approximately 5 seconds per shard chain and confirms them in less than 6 seconds. In comparison, Ethereum’s block creation time is 12 seconds, with confirmation taking up to 15 minutes. Solana generates blocks every second, but confirmation takes 6.4 seconds.
Speed of Simple Transactions: TON provides high-speed, simple transactions. While Ethereum and Solana also offer high performance, fee levels and efficiency can vary based on usage.
Speed of Complex Transactions: TON excels in processing complex operations quickly. Ethereum and Solana have lower performance metrics in this area.
Scalability: TON supports workchains and dynamic sharding, enabling millions of transactions per second. Ethereum supports sharding up to 64 shard chains, but details of inter-shard communication remain unclear. Solana does not support sharding or workchains, which might limit its scalability.

As expected, Yes. Pretty much any chain tries to attract new users by offering airdrops. As always, we’re right in the middle of it!

We listed and promoted “Notcoin Airdrop“, which is a Telegram App game that rewarded users with $NOT on the Ton Blockchain. By playing the game, referring users, and staying active we managed to earn a whopping 46 Million Notcoins. When the $NOT market opened yesterday on Binance, Bybit, and other exchanges the price was over 1 cent per coin. That’s a hella lot of coin for us.

But, the project feels like it’s better to RUG their early supporters and promoters. Giving us zero for the exposure and work we put in. We sent them thousands of users, in their early stages by promoting on our social media and ranking high in Google. Something the project couldn’t do without us.

The team is conveniently not replying to any of our messages or tweets at them.

I’m not saying that our work is worth nearly half a million dollars. But if a project promises tokens, they should pay them out. No matter how big the number turns out to be.

So until we get paid, I conclude Notcoin is a scam.

Therefore, we have to advise you to be very very cautious when you see $NOT. If you are lucky enough to receive the airdrop, think twice about what you want to do with it. If the project is rugging its early supporters and users, you can question its long-term vision. 

Not every airdrop on the TON network will rug you. We have to keep the faith alive. And we always check and do our due diligence on projects to avoid these events from happening. We live to farm another day.

Currently, we have one airdrop on the TON network live, and it’s “NOTBITCOIN“, with the ticker $NOTBIT. They are airdropping 90% of their supply to people who join the Telegram Bot and Play the Game.

It’s an innovative project in the blockchain technology landscape. Its combination of high performance, decentralization, and extensive functionality makes it a significant player in the industry. The future of TON promises new achievements and innovations that will shape the future of decentralized technologies.

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